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Hello! My friends call me Wolfie

Coding has been my passion for the past 4 years, ever since I completed my first coding challenge I knew this is what I wanted. I was going to San Francisco State for Marketing, while at university I met a few people who introduced me to Ruby and said apps could be made with it. Having an entrepreneur type nature I had a few ideas I wanted to materialize, so I kept learning Ruby to pursue app development. I soon realized that I had never felt this type of determination in my marketing career before. Marketing didn’t challenge me enough and I wanted to be challenged. However my courses didn’t translate to a Comp Sci degree and I couldn’t afford another 3 years at uni, I left SFSU to get a jump start on coding, and invested in a bootcamp that offered mentorship. Bloc helped me understand the software development industry, and taught me solid computer science theories. Now that the apprenticeship at Bloc is finished, I’m currently making clones of popular applications to demonstrate my skill, and trying to find an employer to take the leap of faith and invest in me and my determination to become an even greater developer.

My Projects


My main project and most responsive web application to date, works on any device's browser. Incorporating everything I've learned from past project I'm adding new features daily.

Developer connector

My single page application. A social media for developers featuring Mongodb, Express, react/redux, and node.


Similar to IMDB but uses themoviedb.org's API. This is one of my favorite projects and I use it to keep my skills sharp. Built using Express, React/Redux, Node


My application developed with rails and javascript to help track another website's usage and satistics.

I didn't try hard on the front end aesthetics, just trying to show functionality.

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